We tie two muslin squares with a simple bow, no unnecessary packaging!

UpCircle - Fair-trade Organic Muslin Cloths

  • Two organic cotton and bamboo muslin squares, tied in an UpCircle ribbon!

    Handwoven organic cotton and bamboo, made by a female co-operative in Kerala, India. 

    Natural off white open weave, lightweight and machine washable. No packaging - just a simple bow!

    The perfect product to use to remove your UpCircle cleansing face balm. Dampen your muslin with warm water before using.

    Approx 30cm x 30cm - sizes may vary slightly.  

  • Dampen the muslin with warm water before using to gently remove product from your face and neck. Works perfectly with the UpCircle cleansing balm, face mask and face scrub.