Vegan friendly Wax Wraps made from 100% cotton and candelillia wax, pine resin and jojoba oil.
Wrap anything you need to except anything hot and raw meat/fish
Designs may vary.
Approximate sizes in the pack;
Large – 42cm x 29cmMedium – 29cm x 23cmSmall – 23cm x 23cm
Made locally in Tonbridge by The Green Team.

Vegan Wax Wraps - Set of Three

  • These wonderful wax wraps are made using excellent quality cotton, candelilla wax, a tiny pinch of soy, jojoba oil and pine resin, all of which are food safe.

    The perfect replacement to clingfilm, they have a number of uses. The warmth of your hands will melt the wax enough to cling to what you are covering.

  • Simply wash with warm soapy water and reuse, when they come to the end of their life they can just be cut up and put in your home compost bin.