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We Plant A Tree For Every Order Over £10!

All over the world deforestation is happening. We feel planting trees is good for the planet and us all.

Offsetting our carbon footprint makes us feel slightly better about using all the cardboard we do instead of plastic for our deliveries.


So for every order that is placed through our website of £10 or more we will pay to plant a tree in an area that has been affected by deforestation.

If you want you can add more to your order too.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

Trees help filter the air we breath, filter the water we drink and provide habitat to over 80% of the worlds terrestrial biodiversity. Forests provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people, absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere and are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines. Have you ever taken an Aspirin? It comes from the bark of a tree!

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