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My name’s Sophie and I’m the Founder of Loop Loop.

I consider myself a maker and have always loved creating things. I’ve made handmade cards for my loved ones for years and one day I thought about scaling up, but I wanted to do so in a specific way. I’m passionate about sustainability and I wanted to create something that had a positive impact on the planet. Then I came across the concept of plantable cards! Bingo

I absolutely love painting and this means I get to do something I love in a sustainable way. Loop Loop is all about taking old things and looping them back round into a new existence. When I started this is in September 2018, I intended to do a few plantable cards and then move on to a new medium, as i get bored quite easily, but I haven’t yet had time!


I like working with old fabric and marbling things, so I would like to experiment with this when I have the time… Watch this space. 

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