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Our Story

Truly passionate about the Herefordshire countryside that has enabled them to grow award-winning potatoes, founders Sean and Mark met one night for a pint of local beer and a packet of crisps. They hatched out a plan of how to honour and celebrate these potatoes and that night the Two Farmers brand was born. 

Mark Green

A second-generation farmer and founder of Two Farmers. For years Mark dreamt of making crisps from his very own potatoes. He wanted to produce something that would firmly cement Herefordshire on the foodie map.

Sean Mason

A fellow farmer and founder of Two Farmers, Sean’s day job as a potato merchant inspired him to protect the countryside around him. This sparked Sean’s desire to become the first crisp brand in the UK to launch a 100% compostable bag.

Our Potatoes

Only the finest potatoes make their way into our crisp packets. We grow Lady Claire, Lady Rosetta and Taurus varieties because of their excellent fry colour and high quality. All of our potatoes are graded on our farm which keeps our road miles low.

Our Ethos

We grow, harvest, store, cook and pack our crisps. We maintain control throughout each process to ensure you receive the finest end product. We are committed to giving back to the environment, which is why we keep our road miles low and use 100% compostable packaging. Our aim is to promote Herefordshire as a county of outstanding agricultural achievement.

Our Flavours

We are proud to be Herefordshire farmers and want to showcase what the county has to offer through our four flavours. Most of our ingredients are grown by us and for those we can’t, we have sourced from the best local producers to add to our mouth-watering flavours!

Our Commitment to the Environment

All of our bags are 100% compostable. This pioneering move means that our bags will completely break down in a home composting environment over 26 weeks. Our potatoes are stored, cooked and packed using renewable energy where possible on our Herefordshire​ farm.

Our Crisps

Using award-winning potatoes grown on our Herefordshire farms, we slice and hand-cook our crisps in small batches before flavouring them with the finest locally sourced ingredients to create a fresh taste and great crunch.

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