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About Us

As a mum of two we've been to plenty of parties and seen first hand just how much waste is disposed of each time, especially children's parties. On average we go to about 3 parties a month, with sometimes up to 30 children each time. That means each month at least 90 plates and 90 cups are being chucked in the bin after just 10minutes use. This isn't something that sits well with me (you know, seeing as I'm eco and all that). So decided to set up this Party Kit which can be hired in an attempt to help reduce some of that waste in our local town.

You can hire kits to accommodate 15+ people. These kits are not limited to children's parties, we hire for baby showers, adults parties and garden BBQ's, whenever you would consider buying disposable plates.

So if you're planning a gathering and want to reduce your waste, your outgoings and feel good about helping the planet have a look at what we have to offer or pop in for a chat.


We also have options for plastic free party bag fillers.



Why Reusables

Disposables are killing pour planet! A party for 20 children uses an average of 3 pieces of disposable tableware per child, most of which are not recyclable as they are lined with a thin layer of plastic to prevent them soaking up moisture and are contaminated with food. (who ever washes disposable plates destined for the bin??) This means the end up in general waste either headed for landfill or incineration. In landfill a paper party plate can take 5-20 years to break down (still leaving behind micoplastics). That's a pretty long time after such a short use. Compostable plates need industrial composting (not home or garden) which still isn't guaranteed and uses a lot of transportation and resources.

If that wasn't enough, here are some more reasons;

1. Reduces Waste. Clearing up after a party is often a messy job. Imagine how much easier it would be to be able to pop all those cups and plates back into a box to be returned to be washed?

2. It's Easy. Book your kit. Collect your kits. Enjoy your party with an easy conscience. Drop your kit back off. Simple. 

3. Colourful. Often the more environmentally friendlier options of disposables are plain white. Our party kit can add some colour to match your theme if you have one.

4. It's Cheaper. The average cost of disposables for a party for 20 children is about £18. Saving the planet and your pennies at the same time!


How To Book

If you know the date of your party and would like to enquire or book a Party Kit to hire please fill in your details below and we will get back to you with our availability.

Book a Party Kit

Thanks for your enquiry. We will get back to you soon.

Party Planning

Need some help with planning your party? Here we have provided some information to help you on your way.

Cake Makers & Catering

Local Venues



Frequently Asked Questions

A Party Kit is a reusable set of what you would usually buy as disposables.

Our basic kits include; Plates, Bowls, Cups, Cutlery, Serving Bowls, Serving Trays and Jugs.

Our deluxe kits include Serving platters, Bunting, Decorations and tablecloths. 

Terms and conditions

1. All Party Kit equipment is owned by and remains the property of Zilch - Zero Waste.

2. Payment in full plus a refundable deposit is required before your booking can be confirmed.

3. You may cancel the booking at any time prior to the start date of your hire. A cancellation charge of 50% of the booking will be due should you cancel within 7days.

4. In the unlikely event the we are unable to fulfil your booking due to circumstances beyond our control our liability is limited to the refund of all monies paid.

5. You are responsible for the party kit equipment for the duration of the hire period and adequate care should be taken, especially for items which can be easily damaged.

6. No responsibility can be accepted for injury which occurs during the use of the party kit equipment.

7. All party kit equipment is washed in a kitchen where allergens are present. If you have any concerns about allergen contaminants please wash the equipment prior to use.

8. The party kit should be returned within 2 days of the hire start date.

9. You will be eligible for a full refund of the paid deposit when the party kit has been returned on time, complete and undamaged.

10. No credit or refund will be issued for any party kit equipment returned unused.

11. You are responsible for any breakages, non-repairable damage or loss of party kit equipment. Replacements will be charged at the purchase price of the new equipment item(s).

12. The quantity and condition of the returned party kit equipment, in the absence of definite proof to the contrary, is as seen by Zilch -Zero Waste upon receipt of the returned party kit.

13. Your contact details will be stored safe and secure and will never be passed on without your written consent.

14. You have the right to request all personal data we have of yours that we keep is destroyed at any time after the party kit is returned and deposit has been refunded.

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